2020 Legislative Agenda

by ctparentsunion_78xdlk

Children Safety & Educational Justice

The CTPU 2019 Legislative Agenda focuses on ensuring every Connecticut child has equitable access to safe and high-quality learning environments to ensure they are free to learn, grow and thrive.

The Prudence Crandall Safety and Learning Initiative can help protect students from ongoing school violence to include bullying and help children with special educational needs.  

Connecticut Senate Bill 574  AN ACT CONCERNING THE PRUDENCE CRANDALL SAFETY AND LEARNING INITIATIVE introduced by Senator Logan, 17th Dist., opens the door to intentional and solution only conversations regarding  school safety to include bullying and ensuring access to the educational opportunities needed to produce a qualified workforce.

Who is Prudence Crandall?  Prudence Crandall was a school teacher from Canterbury, Connecticut. She bravely defied prevailing patterns of racial discrimination when she opened one of the first schools for African American girls in Connecticut in 1833.

Another solution to consider is House Bill 5784 introduced by Representative Dubitsky, 47th Dist., AN ACT CREATING EDUCATION SAVINGS ACCOUNT that gives parents of bullied children new hope. In addition, ensuring children have access to educational opportunities needed to produce a qualified workforce.

Stay tuned as we learn about other legislative bills and actions that help keep all children safe and justly educated.